Sunday, July 19, 2009

Promo Pics

Less than two weeks before the show, and we are already running the show top to bottom during rehearsals. We are very on track with an amazing cast and an anal retentive choreographer. This means that the show is going to be amazing!!!

We anticipate that it's going to be quite crowded, and tickets are already on sale, so get your tickets soon. You can get them here.

See the promo pics and blurb:

Welcome to fabulous Egypt…Viva Las Vegas the Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes to neon life with Canaan “a little bit country” and Egypt “a little bit rock ‘n roll!” This high-rolling interpretation of the popular classic has narrators reminiscent of The Supremes, Potiphar as a 1930’s gangster, some Cirque de Soleil performers and much more fun, as Joseph, his father's favorite son, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, where he rises to second in command. His brothers unknowingly find themselves groveling at the feet of the brother they betrayed, leading to a heartfelt reconciliation of the sons of Israel. Set to an unforgettable mix of musical styles, from country and calypso to pop and rock 'n roll - along with the Pharoah riotously depicted as 1970’s Elvis - this Old Testament tale keeps the heart but adds some family-friendly Vegas humour for a big winner of a show that’s pretty close to perfection! Directed by Jeremy Showgren. Choreography by Shawn Mortensen.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Look What I Won!!!

Isn't it great?!?

My very first running award!!! Here's the email they sent me...


Hello Kyle,

It appears that you finished in position 2 of the Male 20 to 24 age group of the 10K. If you haven't already picked up your award, we welcome you to do so at are at the Freedom Festival Office. It is located.....

..... Given the bulk of the crystals used as awards, we are unable to mail them to you. We will keep them on hand for the next two weeks. If you are out of town, we encourage you to have a friend or family member get the award for you.

All the best,

Scott and Craig


Of course, I let them know that I didn't really deserve the award because of my late start and lack of completing the actual 10K. Still, I am very flattered. Though I must say that I am unimpressed with the fact that they sent me a picture of the 3rd place award, and not my rightful 2nd place award. How do I know if it's worth picking up if I don't even know what it looks like?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

From the Horse's Mouth

Before you hear it from anyone else... here's how it went down. If the details start boring you, skip to the last three paragraphs titled "SUMMARY".

I decided to stay up late with some friends that were camping out on University Avenue for the 4th of July parade. It was games, food, fun, etc... I got into bed at around 2 am (hey at least I didn't pull an all-nighter like my friends), and set my alarm for the 7 am 10K run.

I didn't hear my alarm go off at 6:15 (and every 10 minutes after that -- snooze feature), nor did I hear Callie call me at 6:37 am to see where I was.

Luckily my body naturally woke me up at 7:09 am. My heart sunk. I got myself over to Kiwanis Park as quickly as I could and started running at the 10K start line. I didn't get my mark for starting time because they had already moved the electronic pad, so I knew my time was already botched. I thought I could at least finish the race for my own sake. Fortunately I had seen the route on the internet and knew where to go (generally).

Pretty soon I met hundreds of 5K runners going the opposite direction. Some of their comments indicated that they thought I had already finished the race and was going backwards for fun. I found a couple of people that I knew who said hello. If the fact that I wasn't going the same direction as the 5K-ers wasn't obvious enough, I finally reached Center Street and confirmed the true direction for the 10K (I saw a 10K runner going toward Seven Peaks).

At this point I decided to NOT run the rest of the 10K backwards (meaning my friends on University Avenue would be looking for me in vain), so I turned around and headed toward the finish line. Before I reached Kiwanis Park again, I decided to turn around and look for Callie. After 1 or 2 laps going up and down 9th East, I found her and yelled out to her, but she didn't hear me as she was listening to an iPod.

I ran a half a block more, then turned around to catch up to her. When she saw me, you should have seen her face. I caught her walking, and she immediately started running again. We ran the last half-mile together and this time I actually crossed the finish line. Some people realized I was a 10K runner by my number and shouted out praises for finishing so quickly (...oops).

I learned later that Callie wondered if I had actually caught up to her, and I'd like to think that this inspired her to run faster at the end of the race. This, of course, is far from the truth. I would have had to run a 4-minute mile to be able to catch her, twice my current pace.

I didn't wake up on time and started running 22 minutes late, ran BACKWARDS, DIDN'T run past my friends on University Avenue, FALSELY inspired Callie and other runners, ran only 2 miles of the total 6.4 miles, STILL got the shirt, water bottle, and fruit at the end (YES!).

Having run only one-third of the race, I consider myself only a partial failure. The only good thing that came of starting late was being able to run with Callie the last little bit and past the finish line. I am so proud of her! I don't have her exact time, but she finished in about 35 minutes. VERY good for your first 5K!

I heard there's another 5K next Saturday somewhere nearby that is free. I feel obligated to run it, and I think Callie might do it with me as well, so we'll see.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Freedom Run

After completing my first running event last August (Hobble Creek Half Marathon), I thought my running days were over... Based off of my exercising habits, you would have thought the same. Several weeks ago, however, I was feeling very spontaneous and had a sudden urge to join this year's Freedom Run on the 4th of July, and started training for the 10K. While I am not as fit as I was during the half marathon, I have surprised myself at how quickly I am still able to run.

I got Callie on board for support (she's doing the 5K), and so here I am announcing my second running event ever, the Provo Freedom Run!

Click the picture if you'd like to join us in the running fun... it's not too late. You can do a 10K, a 5K or a 1-mile run.