Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 2

Well, I didn't have time to post a blog for day 2 of my little road trip, so here's some highlights... I've decided that the blogspot video upload thingy is really lame, so I've created a YouTube account (search for my user name "wilsonkyled" and you can see all my videos) so I can simply embed some of my videos to my blog.

Day 2

So I realized the first day that my iPod battery was drained, and the charger was packed somewhere... so I've been surviving by finding random radio stations, and by listening to CDs like this one:

And by singing to songs like this one. Can anyone guess the name of the group?

For Brett... oops!

Some Highlights:

Cool Train

Mountain in Nebraska

Platte River Overpass

More Cool Clouds

So I saw a TON of corn fields all the way across Nebraska and through Illinois. But I saw this other beautiful "Mystery Gold Crop", as I labeled it, and spent many hours wondering what it might be. I FINALLY figured it out on Day 3, but can any of you tell what it is?

So, I was trying to make it from Cheyenne all the way to Omaha, NE to gas up, but I didn't check the gas until I was 70 miles away...

This is how low the tank was as I was pulling up into the gas station...

While driving, I found out from Rob that Tom and his wife, Angie, live in Iowa City. A couple of calls later and my motel search was over. Tom just graduated from medical school in Chicago and moved to Iowa 3 months ago to start his residency in Pathology. He and Angie were so nice, and they have a cute little 2 yr old daughter named Madelyn (Maddie for short). They took very good care of me and made sure I was at home.

In the morning I took these pictures of Tom & Angie's new home and the North Liberty (near Iowa City) water tower.

There seem to be a lot of these the further I go east...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well, I'm doing just dandy 456 miles and 6 hrs into my road trip from Utah to Ohio. So far it's been a blast! Okay, well it's mostly been incredibly boring... but that's why we have blogs, right? To make our lives appear more exciting than they really are.

I present to you My Journey from "Bubble" to "Real World". Hope you enjoy...

I HATE packing...

Leaving Utah... *sniff*

Most of Wyoming's landscape was pretty much like Utah (boring) with two exceptions:



My car leaking fluid in the middle of nowhere...

When I got to Cheyenne I had to find a place to stay the night. I've seen Dad do this before, so I figured it wouldn't be that bad. I started investigating motels asking prices and amenities... I stumbled across two types of motels. Guess which one I picked?


After #2 told me the price was $89/night, I told her I would be back after checking out other places. She quickly offered me $75/night. I told her that was very nice and that I would still check the other places, but would probably come back. She then lowered it to $69 for the night if I stayed, so I asked to see the room:

I said "Let's do it!" :) They even had a fitness room upstairs, so I ran a mile before going to dinner. I'm proud to say that I ran the mile in 7 1/2 minutes. Probably leftover fitness from my extremely successful 10 K Freedom Run (refer to previous blog entries).