Friday, April 8, 2011

#7 - AOA-PAC

Number 7 reason why I love being out here in Columbus is AOA-PAC. Last year I did this, and this year was even better, because I got to go on some Utah visits (Senator Hatch, and Congressman Chaffetz).

We were pushing HR bills 1219 and 1195 to put optometrists on equal grounds with the other primary health care doctors on medicaid (like we already are on medicare), and to include optometrists on the National Health Services Corps bill so that we can get student loan forgiveness for providing eye care to underserved populations. Call me if you want an explanation of all this.

Or you can watch this video... maybe it will help. See if you can find me at time 5:10 of the video. I'm wearing a purple shirt and a blue lanyard.


Tawna said...

Kyle, this is super impressive, and I really am amazed at all you do.

As a side note, did you guys also advocate for there to be two #7's in a row when we count now? 'Cause that got enacted really fast. :)

Babcock Family said...

are you on the far left side?? Only 1/2 of your body showing said...

really sad when you can't recognize your own son. however,that was impressive!