Thursday, October 28, 2010

#8 - AAVGC

Reason #8 why I love Columbus is the African American Voices Gospel Choir. I saw an ad for this student organization on campus, and decided to join. :) We have rehearsals Wednesday nights, and last night we had auditions for Edify, the elite choir... results were in this morning and I made it! Search for my name here.


Babcock Family said...

I have no words......except, I love Kyle Douglas Wilson.

kyle said...

Aww thanks marn/big-A. Shaniqua here I come!!

Tawna said...

Um, how is it that "bunnies" and "corn" and old folks home and WalMart have not yet made this list? (I am kidding about WalMart.) I thought top 5 status for sure. The bunnies will probably stop dancing out of shame.